Have you ever wondered how chefs create a unique flavor profile, more depth of flavor or enhance the flavor of their dishes? It’s the perfect balance of heat, acid, salt and fat.

Here’s a unique element you can add to your dishes to stand out from the crowd! Add just a pinch of this smoked chipotle powder to excite your taste buds and enhance the flavor of any dish or you can add more to ramp up the heat level in dishes that demand it.

Mix of hot peppers from our garden on the smoker.

Preserved pepper recipe mentioned in the episode:

4-5c Jalepeno peppers (sliced or split in half) Substitute a mix of hot peppers if desired
3-5 Cloves Garlic (crushed)
2 Onions sliced thin or diced
1/4c Oregano (crushed)
1/4c Salt
3c Water
1c Canola Oil
4c White Wine Vinegar


Add Vinegar, Canola oil and water to a sauce pan and heat to a boil. While coming to temperature, wash peppers and slice or split in half. Mix Onions, Garlic, Peppers, Oregano and Salt together in a large bowl.
Pack this mixture into pint sized canning jars leaving an inch or so at the top.

Pour the boiling mixture into the jars slowly leaving a 1/4″ air gap at the top. I use a chop stick or similar to poke into the mixture to remove air bubbles and top off again.

Wipe the rim and top with canning lid & ring. Process in a water bath as normal canning procedure.