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So, I told you about my first taste of Southern style pulled pork…  Fast forward a couple of years and I’m roaming through a book store (remember those brick and mortar places in shopping malls before Amazon and the internet?) and I find this fairly small (100 pages or so) book written by a guy who took a year and traveled across the US finding the best BBQ joints in each area.

I leafed through a few pages and salivated over the photos before heading straight to the cashier and handing her my hard-earned cash.

I must have read and digested that book 100 times… going over the descriptions of flavors, recipes and cooking techniques.  Since I couldn’t afford to travel to each of these places I knew I had to find a way to figure this out on my own.

side note:  Sorry, I can’t send you a link to the book on amazon.  Several years after I purchased, it became a BBQ phenom (I saw used versions selling for $100+) and can no longer be purchased anywhere that I’ve found.

So, I found plans for a smoker built from 55 gallon drums and fired up my welding rig.

This isn’t mine – but it’s exactly what it looked like. You could buy a kit with the legs, stack and connectors – all you needed was to find 2 food grade drums.

Excited about the prospects I found a friend with some hickory wood, purchased a pickup truck load and stopped at the butcher for a 14lb brisket.  I figured as good as this is going to be, I’m going to want a lot of it.

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