This week we interview one of the owners of Taste of Texas Barbecue in Cologne, Germany, Jonas Freitag

We fell in love with these guys watching their very popular YouTube videos documenting their journey as they not only start their own BBQ Food business but in true DIY fashion build their smoker and vending trailer completely from scratch.

Enjoy hearing their journey from the initial concept, through a pilgrimage to Texas and talking to pit masters about their smokers and brisket techniques to finally bringing it all to fruition in a farm shed back in Germany.

Jonas was also free to share details about the food business in general and some great concepts for other startups on breaking down the business model into a minimum viable product to collect data and build from there.

You can find their videos on YouTube or visit their Facebook Page and finally a link to their web site

Also mentioned in the interview are the BBQ pit calculator and Franklin BBQ