Perfect Pastrami Sandwich

Coming soon – my foray into the world of this wonderful Jewish Deli meat.

In General, there are really only 3 steps:

  1. ‘Corn’ your brisket.  This is simply taking a trimmed brisket and brining it for several days in a mixture of pickling spices to create corned beef.   Some recipes show just the brisket flat – I use a 4 gallon bucket and brine an entire brisket.
  2. Remove from the brine, rinse thoroughly, apply dry rub, cover and refrigerate another day or so.  Although many recipes use just pepper & coriander as a rub, I like to use my magic meat rub 🙂.
  3. Smoke the brisket for 3 to 4 hours, then put it in a steamer until it reaches an internal temp of around 200 degrees and your thermometer probe pushes easily through the meat.    I don’t have a commercial steamer so I use a makeshift steamer in my home oven.

Here’s the method I used to start from and modified accordingly…


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