My journey through smoking sausage has been less than satisfactory over the years. I’ve tried it several times and the results have been somewhat less than stellar.

After my most recent experience, I think either the amount of meat was too small or my temp was too high as the resulting product had good flavor but the texture was just not right. It had kind of a mealy mouth feel that from what I’ve read means that it dried out too much.

I happened to be in the market on a Monday after the holidays and I guess they were trying to sell off some of the excess holiday meat inventory because they had a case of these big rope sausages on sale at half price.

They had both country sausage and hot Italian in these long ropes wrapped in a pinwheel shape. As I didn’t want much ‘pre-smoke’ seasoning I purchased two of the country sausage for just over $4 each.

After unpacking, I skewered them at a 90 degree angle so that I could handle them on the grill & flip as needed. The photo below is flipping after about an hour and a half smoking.

I pulled off the smoker when the meat temp reached 165 and left rest for about 20 minutes before sampling.

The texture this time was just perfect and it had tons of flavor just from simple pork sausage and lots of wood smoke. I will definitely try this method again.


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