Perfect Smoked Sausage… Finally

My journey through smoking sausage has been less than satisfactory over the years. I’ve tried it several times and the results have been somewhat less than stellar. After my most recent experience, I think either the amount of meat was too small or my temp was too high as the resulting product had good flavor […]

Perfect Fresh Corn on the Cob

Farm fresh Corn on the Cob

One of the joys of summer eating is fresh vegetables and there is nothing better than corn on the cob picked fresh that morning. We have a farmers market down the road that puts a big sign out when they have corn picked fresh that morning and people flock in to buy it such that […]

Smoking The Perfect Rack of Ribs

It’s July 4 and everyone is having a cookout. You could do the usual hamburgers and hot dogs but why not treat your guests to something a little more special. I’ve smoked ribs a number of different ways but one of my favorites is just perfectly cooked and memphis dry rub finish. This allows me […]

It’s Time To Cure and Smoke Your Own Bacon!

Everybody loves bacon. Not the water soggy, preservative injected stuff you buy at the mega mart, but real bacon made my yourself at home. This time we decided to try dry curing. I asked a local place that butchers hogs once a week to save me a pork belly as otherwise they just make it […]

Sauce, Sauce and more Sauce

Sauce, Sauce and more Sauce

Not that I like a lot of Barbeque sauce, but I do like variety. One thing I noticed early on when watching Bobby Flay is that he is a master at creating a sauce with flavor profiles that complement his food. I also noticed this the first time I ate at Bobby’s Burger Palace – […]

Secret To The Perfect Pastrami

Years ago on my first trip to New York City I fell in love with a huge NY deli Pastrami sandwich Little did I know that I could make pastrami at home that was just as good or better than that wonderful delicacy Enjoy my journey into Pastrami goodness

Perfect BBQ Introduction Ep 001

Welcome to Perfect BBQ We are honored that you decided to listen to our new show and hope to provide you with some cooking tips that you can use to perfect your own smoking techniques and other outdoor cooking.

How To Win A Chili Cookoff?

Make the best chili…  of course. Several years ago in support of the Chambersburg Noontime Lions club, we decided to enter the 2011 Annual Icefest chili cookoff.   The entry specified 20 gallons of chili so we knew we had our work cut out for us. I did a couple of test cooks ahead of […]